History of about 200 year

Let’s turn back in time, 200 years, to 1801 – to this very same location where the first master of the restaurant started his restaurant in the bustling main street leading to the Sensoji Temple – a place that has been around for more than 1400 years.

That time of foundation 100

Postwar period

That time of foundation 190

Our restaurant was among the names listed in the gourmet guide to Edo cuisines published in 1848. During the reign of the 11th Tokugawa Shogun, the street in front of our restaurant was also used in daimyo processions.

Throughout the years, despite suffering from fires four times in the past, with the continued support from our customers and the hard work by the generations of masters of the restaurant, the 7th generation master of the restaurant is able to keep the flavors of Edo and the building in its traditional form; and we will be keeping it this way for the time to come.



From now on

Some might feel “awkward” hearing that our restaurant has been around for more than 200 years; but pass through our sign curtain, you will find yourselves surprised at the number of young staff we have; of course, there are also many well-experienced staff in our restaurant assisting us in bringing you our traditional flavors.

Our young staff will work hard to uphold the “reputation” and “flavors” of “Komakata Dozeu” for the next 100 or 200 years to come by having you enjoy our “hospitality”.