Dozeu Nabe

“Dozeu Nabe”

– A traditional taste that will never change.

“Dozeu”, or loach, have always been regarded as possessing a unique taste and tough bones. Using our very own cooking method - cooking them thoroughly by adding “sake” into soy sauce-based bonito soup stock, topped with a generous serving of Japanese leek, we are able to bring to you Edo-styled “loach” in which not only the bones are soft, but are rich in flavors as well.

Yanagawa Nabe

“Yanagawa Nabe”

– “loach” covered in fluffy, tender egg;
the Yanagawa style.

Yanagawa actually refers to the earthenware pot that has been used for 400 years in cooking this cuisine. Here, we prepare them by removing the heads and bones of each “loach”, carefully arranging them on top of burdock root before cooking them in sweetened soy sauce, and finally finish off by covering the dish with a layer of egg.

Dozeu Broth

“Dozeu Broth”

– A “Komakata Dozeu” flavor passed on by the first master.

Our “Dozeu broth”, rich in flavor, is prepared by cooking our smallest loach in traditional Edo sweet miso paste. Please help yourself to a serving of our “Dozeu broth” together with your rice when enjoying our “Dozeu Nabe”.



“Rice” is a traditional staple food of Japan that goes well with “Japanese cuisine”;. Here in our restaurants, we take the quality of rice that we serve very seriously. Please enjoy our carefully-selected “Hitomebore – Love at first sight” brand rice at its highest quality.



– Sake that goes the best with our “Dozeu”.

In order to find the sake that tastes great with our “Dozeu”, the 5th generation master of the restaurant set out on a journey across the whole of Japan. His journey finally came to an end in Fushimi, “Kyoto”; where he found the perfect sake – “Furisode”. This sake can be heated and enjoyed together with our “Dozeu Nabe” the Edo way. Its high-quality “Tarekuchi” can be enjoyed cold only in our restaurants.


Other than the cuisines introduced, we also serve seasonal “Japanese cuisine”.
So please come and visit us.